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Removal of hazardous substances from soil, ground and groundwater


Hazardous waste management


A wide range of geological works


Experience in neutralization


In situ remediation


Ex situ remediation

At the service of environmental protection

Liquidation of storage sites for expired plant protection products

Geocoma Ltd. specializes in the elimination of storage sites for obsolete plant protection products. Over the years, Geocoma has completed projects in few countries across Easter Europe.

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Elimination of Ecological Spots

Geocoma Ltd. provides hazardous waste management services. This includes the collection, transport and final disposal of waste. More than 25 years world-wide experience of the qualified Management and technical Staff, as well as developed and implemented safety procedures speak to the highest quality of the work.

Remediation and Geological Surveys

We deal with remediation, that is, cleaning the soil and groundwater from hazardous substances that can threaten human life and the natural environment. Our full offer includes both the development of geological works projects and their subsequent implementation, as well as the creation of the necessary documentation or preparation of expert opinions.

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