Remediation and Geological Surveys

Geocoma Ltd carries out projects related to the remediation of ground and water environment from industrial pollution.


  • design and optimization of the selection of appropriate remediation methods in order to achieve the condition specified by legislative and client requirements,
  • implementation of remediation works using the in situ and ex situ methods
    through the application of barriers (protective screens), water and ground air purification stations, skimmer systems, and pumps for the selective intake of substances contaminating the zone of saturation,
  • personal supervision through the execution of reclamation works,
  • implementation of surveys and audits on the contamination of the ground and water environment,
  • evaluation of the extent and degree of contamination of the ground and water environment (e.g. with pesticides, heavy metals, petroleum substances),
  • conducting sozological soundings.



  • reassessment of geological works projects for hydrogeological and geological‑engineering purposes,
  • implementation of a groundwater monitoring network, drilling, geological‑engineering soundings,
  • preparation of geological-engineering and hydrogeological documentation in full scope,
  • preparation of geotechnical and hydrogeological opinions and experts’ reports,
  • providing geological supervision of field work,
  • full scale inventory works on contaminated areas and its reports towards clients and institutions.


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