Elimination of Ecological Spots

Geocoma Ltd. provides hazardous waste management services. This includes the collection, transport and final disposal of waste. More than 25 years world-wide experience of the qualified Management and technical Staff, as well as developed and implemented safety procedures speak to the highest quality of the work.

We specialize in the elimination of hazardous waste sites (so-called ecological spots). These are mainly sites, where hazardous waste has been stored or dumped illegally. Their leakage into the ground and groundwater can cause significant environmental damage. The storage of the hazardous waste could also lead into a direct threat to the life and health of the local community, e.g. by causing uncontrolled ignition, and in consequence to fires of accumulated waste.

The procedure of removing ‘ecological bombs’ includes carrying out chemical analyses of each item of waste. Therefore, the waste receive, so called chemical passport needed for safe thermal disposal afterwards. Before transportation waste are repacked into approved packaging material, transport follows international IMO and ADR regulation, and then its final disposal. Genarally the waste is disposed at the professional hazardous waste incineration plants among Geoeoma’s Partners outside of Poland.


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